The Irish Scene Extends from Dublin Into Australia

The Irish Scene Extends from Dublin Into Australia

The Irish roots in Australia are legendary, and we are not just talking backpackers here, but our convict past and some major historical figures. Archbishop Daniel Mannix was a hugely influential figure More »

Wedding Organisers: Perfectionists Only Need Apply

Wedding Organisers: Perfectionists Only Need Apply

Planning and organising a wedding can be extremely stressful. Researching, planning, coordinating, organising ideas to create a dream wedding can be very daunting and time consuming. Creating this once-in-a-lifetime special occasion is More »

Irish Wedding Costs: Rake Or Rapid?

Irish Wedding Costs: Rake Or Rapid?

The Irish wedding theme has been growing in popularity with its unique and distinct ceremony and setting. As a result, a growing number of couples are leaning towards this particular theme for More »

The Irish Weddings

The Irish Weddings

If you are looking for hotels worcester has a lot of great ones to stay at. Hotels are great to stay at if you are in town for an Irish wedding. Speaking More »

The Irish Scene Extends from Dublin Into Australia

The Irish roots in Australia are legendary, and we are not just talking backpackers here, but our convict past and some major historical figures. Archbishop Daniel Mannix was a hugely influential figure through much of the twentieth century. Ned Kelly was the iconic Irish/Australian bushranger, who was hanged after a short but eventful criminal career in the nineteenth century. The Irish political struggle against their British overlords was also played out here in the Land Down Under. Many of the convicts that were shipped to Australia were political prisoners transported from Ireland.

The Irish Scene Extends from Dublin Into Australia

The Australian Labor Party has been heavily populated with individuals moulded out of that century’s long struggle. The Protestant/ Catholic divide was a bitter realty, even here in sunny Australia right up to the 1970s. I remember my grandmother vigilantly checking on the religious persuasion and backgrounds of my siblings’ boyfriends and girlfriends. Families made sure to keep the wrong sort out of their bloodlines. Irish cabinet makers in Perth were not favoured at family gatherings, no matter how talented they may have been with plane and saw. Our kitchen remained an eye sore and culinary black hole throughout my childhood. I found it all to be nasty and short sighted; I did not warm to my grandmother (who actually sprang from Irish blood but denied it).

Today, those virulent sectarian memories are just that, memories; and there are vibrant Irish theme pubs dotting the streets of our capital cities. Dancing a Celtic jig to the bodhran and supping on a pint or two of Guinness is, now, a common weekend occurrence for many Australians. The Irish lilt is attractive to our ears and we savour their literary and musical talents everywhere. The stain of the Irish is no more. The Irish scene extends from Dublin into Australia; the shamrock and St Patrick’s Day are richly celebrated.

The Irish trainers visit our shores for the Melbourne Cup spring carnival and have carried off the cup more than once. Our love of the punt and gambling, more generally, has been gifted to us from our Irish heritage. A fair go for the worker, a love of family, and loyalty to our mates have all been part of our Irish roots. Passionate people with the ‘gift of the gab’, as my mother used to say, and that sometimes gets us and them into trouble, especially after a few drinks. So, here is a toast to our Irishness, which makes us great lovers and haters. A people for the cause, who march and dance and sing.

Pest Control At Weddings: Insect And Human


Summer or spring is the most popular time for weddings with many couples intent on holding an outdoor wedding. Surrounded by nature, an outdoor wedding seems to be very romantic. You may be swept up in your fantasy wedding but you need to be prepared for potential pitfalls to achieve your dream wedding. While almost all aspects of outdoor wedding are pleasant, weather and pests are two concerns you should not miss. If you planned, scheduled and worked all the wedding details, here is one detail you should not forget. Even the most perfectly planned wedding can be ruined by pests. Pest either insects or humans are notorious for invading outdoor weddings. Pest control at weddings should be included in the wedding preparation. This will ensure everybody present will remember your wedding with fond memories.

No matter how much time you spend sorting the guest list, chances are there will be some human pests or uninvited wedding guest. They come in different varieties from unexpected plus ones, children to crashers who just want to take advantage of the buffet. Prepare for unwanted guest by allotting extra in your food and drink orders to make sure you have enough for everybody. Designate someone to handle any unwelcome visitors. She must be diplomatic but firm to encourage human pests to leave. If you’ve spotted people you don’t recognise, check with your better half as well as both sets of parents to verify their identity. Inform your wedding organiser that you have unwanted guest and let them deal with it. Don’t let human pests upset you on your wedding, keep your cool, and focus on the people you want to be on your big day.

Humans might not be only guest at your wedding ceremony. Pests such as mosquitoes, ants, wasps, bees,  flies, and rodents could crash the wedding. Summertime is also the season for pests that is why it is a big big issue for outdoor wedding. One of the things you need to include in your plan for an outdoor wedding is pest control.  Remember, bee swarms almost ruined a wedding in western Sydney.  Here are some pest control options you can use to help you achieve your dream wedding:

Timing – Try to schedule your wedding during laden times of day to exchange vows. Insects particularly mosquitoes are at their worst when the sun goes down. As much as possible avoid dusk ceremony to avoid all insects when you say “I do.”

Selecting Venues – Ocean breezes or large lakes can deter insects,  but avoid smaller ponds or pools of stagnant water where the insects breed. Anything that holds water is a potential mosquito breeding place. Move your wedding a few hundred yards away to sidestep swarming.

Dress Code – Light colours are the perfect colour choice to avoid mosquito attacks. Encourage your guest to wear light coloured clothing that covers bare skin if possible. Inform them in advance to wear clothing that can protect them from bugs. That way they’ll come with fewer bites and enjoy the celebration.

Apply insect repellent  – If you’re worried about insects, give your guest a travel sized bottle of unscented insect repellent or choose a product that’s designed to smell nice. Purchase kid-friendly insect repellent for children. Distribute the bottle at the ceremony or include them in your welcome baskets. Also make the bottles available in the restrooms.

Pick flowers that insects despise – Insects despise the smell of marigolds, citronella, lavender, peppermint and lemon balm. Ask your florist to include flowers and plants that make insects go away designed in your centrepieces and bouquet or scatter them around.

Avoid fragrances in hygiene products – fragrant soaps, shampoos and body lotions attract mosquitoes.  Use fragrant free products to reduce attractions.

Try citronella candles – Citronella is a natural oil that deters insects. Create a romantic outdoor ambiance by utilizing citronella candles and torches to keep the insects away. Place the candles around the reception area to ward off insects.

Rent some fans – Fans will not only cool off your guest but it will also rid of flies or other flying insects. Fans are important to have near the buffet table and any other food outside.

Hire professional pest control – exterminators will make sure that there are no flying insects to ruin your wedding.  They can effectively treat mosquitoes, flies, gnats, no-see-ums along with a host of other unwanted guests of the pest variety. They can provide safe and effective pest control on your wedding day.


Wedding Organisers: Perfectionists Only Need Apply


Planning and organising a wedding can be extremely stressful. Researching, planning, coordinating, organising ideas to create a dream wedding can be very daunting and time consuming. Creating this once-in-a-lifetime special occasion is a full-time job that takes time and effort which most brides don’t have. Idealistic brides who want to make everything just right turn to wedding organisers to help them organise the biggest day of their lives. A wedding organiser helps bride to plan all aspects of the wedding from the wedding venue, reception hall to bridesmaids’ dresses. Wedding organisers takes all the stress to allow the bride enjoy the process a little bit.

Some of the benefits of hiring wedding organisers include:

  • Save money
  • Organising everything on a budget
  • Saves time
  • They can help create unique and beautiful wedding day
  • Help you get what you want
  • Stress free

Wedding organisers’ job is to help couples have the wedding they want from planning and organising the event from start to finish. Wedding organisers help couples to:

  • Select a date and time
  • Obtain a marriage license
  • Choose a venue
  • Make a budget
  • Make a guest list
  • Buy wedding dress
  • Choose a wedding cake
  • Choose a caterer
  • Hire a photographer
  • Order invitations
  • Make seating arrangements
  • Choose rehearsal date

A career as a wedding organiser can be lucrative and rewarding but this is a high-stress job. It is ranked number 5 on the job site CareerCast for the Most Stressful Jobs 2016 after enlisted military personnel, fire fighter, airline pilot and police officer. The stress level was determined by analysing 11 stress factors including deadlines, travel, competitiveness, working in the public eye, physical demands, environmental conditions, meeting and interacting with customers and the public, the life of oneself or others at risk, hazards encountered and potential for job growth. Organising weddings requires people skills and organisational skills that require a lot of patience. It takes an incredible amount of time to prepare a wedding and the constant travel can be draining. Many organisers spend many weekends working 15 hours to prepare the wedding to meet their clients’ expectations.

A great wedding organiser needs to be obsessive with details. Applicants for this job must have the constant desire to make sure things are just right for clients – perfectionist only need apply. This job is best suited for the Type-A personalities who wants everything-to-be-perfect. Good wedding organisers need to have certain qualities to help them fulfil their duties. They need to have a genuine passion to help couples plan the happiest day of their life. They must possess a creative mind that think outside the box to make the normal into extraordinary. They must also possess good communication skills and flexible personality that can get along well with different kinds of people. A good problem solving skill is important as well as the ability to keep calm under pressure.

Knowledge on family dynamics is a plus factor since the couples and their relatives can be very emotional on the wedding day. Organisers often act as confidant, psychologist and mediator. Good wedding organisers must be a good budget manager too. Good budget management skills include working with vendors and other service providers within the budget. Time management skill is important to create a good timeline and implement it. Activities must run within a specified duration according to plan to avoid mishaps. Organisers must also be knowledgeable with the current trends in the fashion industry. They must be continually learning the new business practices and marketing techniques that are happening in the market. People skill should be high since wedding organisers work with people from clients, relatives of the clients and vendors. Harmonious working relationship guarantees client satisfaction and referrals for future business.

Irish Wedding Costs: Rake Or Rapid?

The Irish wedding theme has been growing in popularity with its unique and distinct ceremony and setting. As a result, a growing number of couples are leaning towards this particular theme for their wedding ceremony. With that being said, before you decide to pursue an Irish wedding theme, its overall costs should be taken into consideration first. Let us look at Irish wedding costs. It is rake or rapid?

One of the very first factors that need to be considered is the wedding venue. Recent developments have made it possible for couples to hire out some National Monuments and buildings for their wedding ceremony with the Irish Government opening its doors to such ventures. The average cost with regards to the venues and reception would be around €7,195. Couples would also need to spend some money for cars as well as limos they will be using during the wedding and the renting fee can cost up to €460

Decorating the wedding venue plays an integral part in giving that distinct look and feel to your Irish wedding ceremony. Couples can spend €480 for flowers depending on the type of plant. One plant type in particular that is often found in several Irish wedding is the Moluccella laevis which is commonly known as the Bells of Ireland. Having a good amount of these plants will contribute greatly in giving off that authentic Irish look and feel to your wedding ceremony.

Irish wedding carries their own respective tradition couples may want to follow and this includes having a live band to do the music all throughout the ceremony up to the reception. It should be noted though that this is often not your typical band as they are mostly distinguished or differentiated by the musical instruments they use. The most notable example of this is the bag pipes. The average cost of hiring these bands is €1,180 while a DJ will cost about €325. Another important tradition that should go to your list is the wedding drinks. No Irish wedding would be complete without traditional cheers or toast to the newly wed happy couple. For wine & drink catering couples are expected to pay €540 and couples can pair these off with some sweet Irish treats to complete the meal. The overall cost for your Irish Wedding can go even higher depending on the respective preference or taste of couples.

To answer the question above, Irish Wedding can be both rake and rapid. Rake in a sense that it can cost a great amount of time and resources to accomplish while at the same time rapid, since the end result would simply be amazing. With that being said not everyone has the resources to spend on such fancy weddings which can make it quite problematic. In such cases where the resource is limited a short term loan may be required for couples can help them follow their dreams for an Irish wedding ceremony.

Irish Wedding Venues: Around The Globe

Many dream of the perfect wedding ceremony. It should be noted that weddings happen only a few times in a lifetime and as such, it is important for couples to make the overall experience as memorable as ever. This is the reason why you will not be finding any shortage of wedding themes adding their very own unique and cool looking twist to the overall ceremony and the same can also be said with regards to the venues. One theme and venue that is growing in popularity is Irish Wedding. Let us look at some of the highlights of an Irish Wedding and how you can setup one for your very own in the future.

Modern Irish Weddings are known to be lavish affairs having hundreds of guests accommodated at fancy hotel for a classy reception. In fact, a number of modern couples today have shifted their attention to a more extravagant setting preferring to be wed on a Caribbean beach or perhaps in a foreign Church even going so far and receiving the blessings in Rome. The shift towards new locales with regards to Irish wedding venues is quite apparent especially today with the recent development in which the Irish Government is now allowing couples to hire out some National Monuments and buildings for their wedding ceremony. This in turn led to a huge number of couples storming Ireland to reserve a wedding venue for their ceremony.

It should be noted however that you don’t necessarily need to be in Ireland to experience such ceremony. Just about anyone today can have an Irish wedding in Japan, France, Australia or the USA if you Google the right kind of venues. You need somewhere historical, charming, romantic and with easy access to a bar which serves Guinness. For instance, many couples choose to have a charming wedding venue in the Loire Valley with its beautiful antiques and works of art. The Loire Valley is indeed a very popular wedding venue having a beautiful and lively city where couples can find lots of places to relax. Couples will have also access to some great fine wine which they can use for their reception.

To have that distinct Irish feel to your weddings the couples will need to integrate a few timely traditions found in several Irish weddings today. This includes decorating the house that the wedding celebration was held in with locally grown flowers and plants. Carrying a horseshoe is known to be good luck to your wedding and many couples brought one for themselves. Furthermore, no Irish wedding would be complete without some Irish music. Couples will be able to find an Irish wedding band in Sydney that is able to provide them with the special songs that they need all throughout the wedding ceremony up until the reception.

If you are planning to do an Irish setting or theme for your wedding, you may want to reach our Irish contact in Sydney, Marcus Dervin and he will be able to provide you with great insights and information help you plan carefully ahead.

The Irish Weddings

If you are looking for hotels worcester has a lot of great ones to stay at. Hotels are great to stay at if you are in town for an Irish wedding. Speaking of Irish weddings, they are great to have and there is a lot of history that surrounds them, as well as a lot of fun facts about them. Below is some useful and fun information about Irish weddings.

A Claddagh Ring

This type of Irish ring is named after a fishing village. It is actually handed down to the daughter from the mother, and it is used as not only a wedding ring, but also a betrothal. Today, if you plan on buying this ring, then you should not but it for yourself, as this is considered improper. This ring should be bought and then given to someone as a gift, or given to someone you are going to marry.

Superstition Surrounding Irish Weddings

Back in the 18th, as well as the 19th centuries, the Irish thought that if sunlight shined on the bride, then the couple would be subjected to good luck. They also thought it was lucky to hear a cuckoo the day of the wedding. Spotting three magpies was also considered a good thing. Once a wedding was finished, the Irish believed that a woman should not be the first to wish the bride joy. They believed that a man should have been first to do this.

Locking Doors

In the past, Irish men got cold feet, and this happened often. In order to prevent the groom from making an escape, the day of the wedding the church doors would be locked. This was done by guests, and it was to make sure that the groom didn’t leave before the ceremony was completed.

Irish Lace

Bridal fashion in Ireland is similar to many other Western world, but there is one thing that sticks out. That is the Irish lace. This is a gorgeous type of fabric that looks great when it is Incorporated with a gown or even a veil. It is even good to give to guests as gifts. If you want to keep things as traditional as possible, then make sure the Irish lace is green, gold and or white.

Irish Music And Clothing

No Irish wedding would be complete without Irish music. usually pipe bands play at weddings, or at receptions. It is not uncommon to have a pipe band playing at dinnertime, on the evening of the wedding. Also, most pipers will wear traditional Irish clothing, including plaid skirts, as this is what their ancestors would wear back in the medieval times.

If you are interested in having an Irish wedding, then you will want to keep this information in mind. Also, if you want to make sure that your Irish wedding is as genuine as possible, then you might want to consider hiring a professional wedding planner. A professional planner can work every single detail out, which means you can have a real traditional Irish wedding.